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Puppets & workshops @ Canon Slade School.

Fellow puppeteer, teacher and theatre-maker, Sophie Powell and I have joined forces in a new project - PuppetBox. PuppetBox is exactly what it says on the tin, (or box in this case) - a box of puppets.

Some background....

When asked to run a puppetry workshop for a local community group Sophie struggled to

find the kind of puppets that she wanted to teach with. They needed to be expressive

enough to work with and yet neutral enough to take on any number of stories.

They needed to be the kind of puppets that were open enough to teach core principles of performance puppetry.

In an excited conversation together, Sophie and Annie decided to launch PuppetBox.

What is it?

A box of puppets! A box of fun and possibilities. A teaching resource and a performance

tool. Puppet Box is accessible and can be used with young children and adults alike. It can be

used for educators at all levels including GCSE, A-Level and degree.

Our website is currently under-construction, but please follow us on our PuppetBox instagram for up-to-date news!

PuppetBox will be doing a workshop at Canon Slade School on 5th February. For enquiries please email

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