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Annie Brooks is a puppeteer, maker and theatre-practitioner based in Brighton. She has made puppets, props and all sorts of paraphernalia for Moomins™, Chemical Brothers, Long Nose Puppets, Spymonkey,  Meat Liquor, Shotgun Carousel, plus many more.


Annie has a breadth of experience puppeteering a variety of unique characters, bringing to life the smallest table-top puppets and operating large-scale mechanical masterpieces.  Recent credits include Raymond Briggs' Father Christmas (Pins and Needles), Mischief & Mystery in Moominvalley (Get Lost & Found) and The Hug (Long Nose Puppets.)


If you need something puppeteered or made for theatre, screen or otherwise, do get in touch - no job is too big or too miniature.

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Since watching the  TV programme Bitsa in the early 90s, I have always liked making stuff. After failing to get onto X-Factor and after a brief stint as a financial advisor, I found myself on the unique Theatre & Visual Arts course at Brighton University, where I met extraordinary people and discovered puppets. I have worked in theatre ever since as a maker, puppeteer and theatre practitioner. I enjoy working to a variety of briefs, making life jump off the page and solving a creative challenge - be it a giant pop-up book, a life-size Delorean DJ booth or a little tomato puppet. If you need something making for theatre, screen or otherwise, please get in touch. 


I have over a decades experience working as a performer with a variety of companies, specializing in puppetry and devised theatre. I am a skilled puppeteer and especially enjoy the intricacy, precision and chaos that comes from working with puppets. I have performed most recently with Get Lost & Found, Long Nose Puppets, Pins & Needles, Forward Theatre Project, FoulPlay Productions and Touched Theatre. I have toured and performed extensively around the UK, Europe and Hong Kong.


I work with some incredible people – find out more about them HERE.

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